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Speaking Practice FCE

Please remember you have your FCE speaking’s timetable in my blog:

English group Elena

Remember you have to hand in the for and against essay on Monday 21st, also remember the students who have more than a 7 in the unit 6 test don’t have to study that unit for the end of term test.

Letras Galegas 2012: Valentín Paz Andrade

Addicted to technology

See this video on the new technologies effect on our lives and complete the quiz. It will be useful for the written task for this week. Addicted to technology

Transformation practice

Read the explanation and complete the exercises. Make notes of any questions or doubts you have to discuss in class on Monday. Transformation explanation and practice

Calendario exámenes tercera evaluación

Aquí dejamos el calendario de exámenes de la tercera evaluación para vuestra información.