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Cambridge exams

The students who got the  FCE and CAE letters have to remember to bring back the answer paper to the office. FCE and CAE: until the 17th April Thank you very much!

St. Dunstan’s exchange

The second part of our exchange with St. Dunstan’s school has started last Friday. A group of seven students and their teacher, Ms. Díaz, have arrived to La Coruña airport, a bit impressed with the rain, they expected a sunnier Galicia! They have a busy agenda including trips to La Coruña, Santiago and Vigo, and […]

Have your cake and eat it -listening task

Have your cake and eat it Listen, copy and answer the questions: 1) Why is Lee sounding so fed up? 2) Where is she planning to go? 3) Explain the other two examples used to illustrate this expression. 4) What does Lee propose they do? 5) Write the other expression they use in this recording […]